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Project: Basford Library RedevelopmentBasford Library Cafe Redevelopment Proposals

Client: Nottingham City Council, Neighbourhood Development

The Basford Library is undergoing frontage improvements incorporating new paving and planting to the entrance but consultation is now required for further improvement to the inside and rear of the building to Vernon Park side. The main proposals are to remove a section of the rear central wall for new bifocal sliding doors which will lead onto two new timber decked areas. The central decked area will house tables and chairs and a new area to the northwest will accommodate a yoga / tai-chi area for classes. A second option which is being explored is to deliver a new conservatory and another decking area to the northeast for the occupants to enjoy their beverages, and the outdoors. Inside, there will be a new café styled serving hatch within the middle section of the library, leisure soft break out area for new sofas and computer tables will complement the new café area. To the north west of the building there will be a children’s play area outside with protective decorative matting with swings and educational boards. There is also a need for a visitor’s car park proposal situated to the southwest in the park along Vernon Road.

Richard was commissioned to complete the architectural illustrations and animated video for publicity, consultation and web site purposes for both options and the new car park proposals. The client also wanted a night time scene of the recently planted and paved frontage scheme. Richard was originally commissioned to digitally paint this phase of work and finance was granted for the landscape architect designs and on-site works. Richard took the AutoCAD plans and incorporated them into the 3D model when building in SketchUp Pro. All scenes were then rendered and animated in Lumion Pro.


Warren Farm Glamping Basford Library Redevelopment Basford Library Option 2 Lumion 3D Presentation Animation & 360 Degree Walkthrough Hit the link here for MyLumion Views See the 3D walkthrough here!
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