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Richard is constantly approached to amend holiday snaps and photographs of loved ones all the time. In this section he showcases a few commissions where he is given the task to alter and improve photos

As the example shows, the original photo of my girls was taken but only one of them was looking at the camera - a typical issue only noticed when you get home!

He searched for more photos from the holiday snaps of his daughter on the left and swapped heads so she was looking directly ahead. He then also took out the credit card sign in the background as it added little for the composition and replaced with a light   

Here he shows the great holiday memories captured in Marrakech. The owner of the beasts took the photos but the best one was ruined because the head of the camel he was riding was obscured by the middle animal

Again, he went searching through other photos taken and eventually found a suitable head an neck. He cloned the image and repositioned and digitally repainted areas as necessary

Once the head was complete, he then worked on the legs as the animals feet needed to be in the foreground. He stretched and painted the legs as they would look and in proportion with the view if the animal was standing a little forward

Project: Nottingham Navigator - Trinity Walk

Client: Nottingham City Council

Nottingham has a navigational project called Nottingham Navigator in which the public are directed to places of interest around the city centre of Nottingham on panels and fingerposts

Richard was tasked to show the position of a new electrical supply pillar for a repositioned panel to match the adjoining bollards which were brushed stainless steel. He referred to technical data and drawings and then drew and repainted a new bollard in the background

He finished the piece off with adding the radial paving blocks at the foot of the bollard for completeness. This mock-up was presented to urban designers and the authorities access officer for the disability groups and approval to proceed with the works was given    

Original Photo

Original Photo

Original Photo

If you require simple photo corrections or wish him to fix minor imperfections to make the  photograph look the best it possibly can, give him a call on (01773) 748737

Richard had heard that there was a plan to return a narrow boat back to the Cromford Canal operating between Cromford Wharf and High Peak Junction. He decided to complete this CGI to show the Friends of the Cromford Canal what the finished scene would look like

The project was finished in 2014 and now the narrowboat ‘Birdswood’ proudly takes its passengers along the beautiful canal most weekends

See the Friends of the Cromford Canal link below

Original Photo

Cromford Canal Narrowboat Wedding