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Sketching is a process of visualising thoughts onto a surface in an immediate, expressive and honest manner. It is thinking through mark making and not intended to be labored over or contrived in any form. Sketching is a process whereby an artist can quickly record an observation, a moment, a feeling, or an idea to be reworked or transformed at a later stage.

Learning to sketch is a process of learning to let go. Letting go of pre-prescribed notions of perfection and accuracy and submitting to the beauty and freedom of play.

Sketching on location is about being present within your environment, engaging with your surroundings & harnessing these observations as an infinite creative resource. It's also about travelling at home as well as further afield. Most architect, illustrators and artists have a sketch book close by to practice their art on location.

Join an Urban Sketchers Club near you, it’s so easy - just hook up online in a city near you or set one up yourself

See some of my examples below.

Chumleys Art Sketchbook