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Chumleys Illustration digital paintings and CGIs accurately portray the details of architectural, engineering and urban regeneration projects.

These images can either be digitally drawn and painted using a digital pen display and pen using Adobe Photoshop as the digital palette or scenes can be modelled in 3D and superimposed over a photograph. Seen as the most cost effective type of illustration available on the market today compared with full blown 3D modelling of the whole scene, high quality and accurate visuals are easily produced to showcase your designs in context with the site surroundings.  

These illustration visuals typically support finance bids and concept designs. They are also used for a vast array of communication material ranging from publications in the form of leaflets and flyers, banners and scheme notice boards to corporate web site communications and media.  

Concept Sketch - NTU Co-DRIVER Driverless Cars project (digital sketching)

Nottingham Co-DRIVER Driverless Car Project

CGI Visual illustration & Artistic Impressions Visual illustration, Artistic Impressions, Digital Painting & CGIs

The European Championship will be held in Great Britain for the first time in Nottingham, May 2016. Archery GB and its partners will deliver a world class event which will showcase elite European archers to a global audience.

Archery GB, in partnership with UK Sport, Nottingham City Council and the University of Nottingham, has been successful in its bid to host the 2016 World Archery Europe Outdoor Target Championship.

In association with Inside Out Time Lapse Productions this film was produced to show the illustration of the archery target wall; the finished size will be 21m long by 4m high. Two cameras were clicking away every 15 seconds whilst the illustrator recorded the screen as he painted. 40 Hours of film was captured and Inside Out produced the final production and did a great job.

See the project in much more detail by hitting the link below.

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Project: Broadmarsh Car Park

Client: Private Commission

Richard was commissioned to complete the concept illustration for new PV photovoltaic solar panels on an existing inner city car park - the Broadmarsh. He was tasked to complete the draft sketches and once approved, finished off the artwork for committee approval.

Broadmarsh Car Park

Project: Toton Road Proposals

Client: Nottingham City Council

This cul-de-sac is in need of an uplift so the councils Area Focus team commissioned me to design and illustrate home zone/Manual for Streets type proposals. Here is the finished illustration showing relocation of parked cars to a new side car park masked by landscaping.

Toton Road Proposals

Project: Shakespeare Street

Client: Nottingham City Council & Nottingham Trent University

I met with architects and engineers to agree the requirements of this piece. I took, as reference, architects elevations and engineers plans to complete the draft and the final painting which was used for consultation and publicity media

Shakespeare Street

Project: Bagnall Road Shop Forecourt Improvements

Client: Nottingham City Council

Area Focus commissioned Richard to illustrate improvements to an old shop forecourt. After a meeting with engineers to discuss the proposals in detail and the aim and overall requirements of the artistic impression, Richard finished the artwork accordingly

Bagnall Road Shop

Project: Ring Road Major (Middleton Boulevard)

Client: Nottingham City Council

As Richard was the Senior Engineer for the scheme at the feasibility design and early bidding stage it was clear to him what was needed for all the illustrations. This was agreed by the project team and client involved with the project. Here is the second works phase - Middleton Boulevard  

Ring Road Major (Middleton Boulevard)

Project: Ring Road Major (Aspley Lane)

Client: Nottingham City Council

Following the successful award of 16.7 million pounds from Government he was commissioned to undertake four illustrations for major highway improvements along Nottingham's orbital ring road. This is the first junction - Aspley Lane

Ring Road Major (Aspley Lane)

Project: Ring Road Major (Crown Island)

Client: Nottingham City Council

The final part of the highway jigsaw, and no means the easiest part of the project - Crown Island

The island will be increased in lane width and capacity with new cycle lanes in and around the island and is due for completion in 2015

Ring Road Major (Crown Island)

Project: Ring Road Major (Valley Road / Hucknall Road)

Client: Nottingham City Council

Here is the third works area along the main route north of the city along the ring road at the Valley Road / Hucknall Road junction

This work is currently on site and will be completed by Autumn 2015

Ring Road Major (Valley Road / Hucknall Road)

Project: Sneinton square

Client: Nottingham City Council

This is option 2 in which arm and backrests were the main feature on this proposal - the clients preferred option

These drawings were then presented to committee and the final option and financial commitments agreed

Sneinton Square Street Furniture Option 2

Project: Sneinton Square

Client: Nottingham City Council

Richard worked with paving suppliers and street furniture manufacturers to show the new stainless steel seating arrangement - Chinese granite bespoke benches

 The armrests were drilled and set into the seating. Here is option 1

Sneinton Square Street Furniture Option 1

Project: Sneinton Square

Client: Nottingham City Council

He worked with paving suppliers and street furniture manufacturers to show the new oval shaped stainless steel tree grid arrangement  

Sneinton Square circular tree grille and frame illustration

As you can see from the above projects, digital paintings offer a great visual and colourful representation of the clients designs and work

Richard and Chumleys Art also offers conceptual sketches too - see the examples shown

He can deliver pen and ink sketches with a watercolour wash, traditional pencil sketch and digital painting sketches - traditionally and digitally.

There are many ways to interpret 2D designs in artistic visualisations - too many to show here but please get in touch and he can discuss your needs at every stage of the process

Concept Sketch - NTU Co-DRIVER Driverless Cars project (digital sketching) Pen and ink & coloured pencil - Nottingham Old Market Square (pen and ink sketch) Fothergill - Nottingham Old Market Square (pen and ink sketch) Fothergill - Nottingham Old Market Square (pen and ink sketch watercolour wash)

See many more examples here!

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