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Acrylic & Biro Bic Pen & Ink Pointillism

Richard has recently started to paint using acrylics in between commissions. It is fun to try something else from time to time but he is really known for his pointillism work

But exactly what is Pointillism?

The drawings shown in the second gallery are created with a basic biro ball point pen to create pointillism drawings - also known as stippling and divisionism. The technique is formed by using the biro pen to literally dot the paper. Dots dots are gradually applied and grouped together to form an image. Basically, the closer the dots, the darker the tones and the further the dots are apart, the lighter the tones. As you see the solitary dot up close, further away the final picture gives a photo-realism effect, which Richard strives to achieve

As a pointillist, he is totally fascinated by the black dot which has no dimension, no length or width. It is a rigid, hard medium, and can be very unforgiving if a mistake is made. Basically, you do not make mistakes! The end result, however, justifies the means and is well worth the wait.  Some drawings have taken over 100 hours to complete. As you can appreciate, pointillism can literally send you dotty. It is a very, very, very, VERY slow way of creating art and is tedious and sometimes boring but the clients are always happy!

Note: Pointillism was first introduced in the 1880s by the French artist Georges Pierre Seurat where he used tiny primary coloured dots to generate secondary colours to great effect. Basically, I have taken this to another extreme by using pen and ink. For the art historians amongst you, Pointillism is classified as a Post-Impressionist (or Neo-Impressionist) school of drawing and is a product of the Societe des Artistes Independents in 1884.

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