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Chumleys Art digital paintings are very popular, whether they are of scenery, animals or portraiture. Have that loved one or family pet drawn then printed to canvas and delivered straight to your door - a no hassle gift!

Digital Painting

Chumleys Art cartoons and caricatures are real fun, especial if you are the recipient. Absolutely unique and inexpensive. Check out the many commissions undertaken - over a thousand to date!

Have you been Chumley’d?

Caricature & Cartoons

Welcome to the Art & Illustration Studio of Chumleys Art!

Richard is a sketcher, painter, illustrator, animator and art instructor. His body of work has appeared in local galleries, magazines, books, web sites and corporate publicity for major highway, transportation and architectural projects nationwide.

He has won many awards both here and in America and in 2008 Richard raised the profile of coloured pencils as a fine art medium when he won the inaugural David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Wildlife Artist of the Year with an orangutan painting called The Hope of Sepilok. It also won the Endangered Species Category in the same competition and Founders Prize for the Best UK Entry in the 6th Annual International Open UK Coloured Pencil Society Exhibition 2008.

Since then, business has been very busy. Richard became a professional artist in 2019 after 35 years as a civil engineer in Local Government. He uses many types of medium, mainly digital nowadays but is an accomplished coloured pencil artist who has exhibited at the Art Materials Live Show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham with the UK Coloured Pencil Society several times.

His signature coloured pencil work has appeared in art books all over the world. Good publications such as A Compendium of Drawing Techniques by

Donna Krizek, The Coloured Pencil Artists Drawing Bible by Jane Strother and Ann Kulbergs Coloured Pencil Secrets of Success, to name a few.

This site is a representation of just some of Richards work - check out his Portfolio. Particular interest is the Creative Process and Commission pages which explain how he does what he does and how people and companies can commission a piece of artwork or illustration which can be sent anywhere on the planet. This site is for you whether you are someone wanting a picture of their loved one in coloured pencil, graphite, acrylic and digital or are a company looking for a project, idea or branded logo to be visualised and painted as a 3D illustration. Feel free to browse the site but the content is only a snippet of what he creates. Much of his work is private until the recipient gets the work which could be several months later.

Please get in touch with him to discuss your piece of bespoke and highly individual artwork.

You can also check out his You Tube Channel & Vimeo following the links below to see how he creates his art in video demonstrations and you can also see them on his many social media links at the foot of the page too.

Hit the Yell.com link here to see reviews from his clients.  

Please enjoy the site and remember to call back soon.

Chumleys Art fine art paintings in a traditional medium: pencil; pen and ink; coloured pencil and acrylics - whatever your fancy. There is something for everyone in this gallery

Enjoy the vast range of commissions undertaken.

Fine Art

You've been Chumley'd! You've been Chumley'd! Gallery Gallery Gallery Caricature & Cartoons Digital Painting Fine Art

Chumleys Art You Tube Channel - You can see much of Richards artwork on this web site but see how he produced them by watching the numerous step-by-step video demonstrations on his You Tube Channel

Commission me today - You can see from the web site what he creates, but there is so much more on offer. He is always looking for that unusual commission so please get in touch


Chumleys Art visual illustrations and animation fly-throughs help architects, developers, engineers, clients & urban planners to communicate their ideas and plans using 3D visual representations and

hyper realistic VR experiences

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Illustration & Animation

Shakespear Street Illustration Architectural Illustration

Contact Richard Childs on (01286) 660979

(07399) 061507 or mail@chumleysart.com

Chumleys Illustration on Vimeo!

Chumleys Illustration on Vimeo

- See more of Richard’s animated corporate illustration videos by hitting the link above


Chumleys Art Sketchbook

In the busy schedule of work and life, Richard tries, like many other artists, to manage my work-life balance. He cannot jump in and create his next piece of art without first practice sketching and getting warmed up. He tries to sketch wherever and whenever he can. He sketches  for pure pleasure and for himself, but there are many benefits from a habitual routine of daily sketching for anyone who likes to draw.

The most obvious reason for sketching is to get better at what we do as artists. If you practice something long enough it becomes second nature and your skills refine. Beyond the obvious, it is a great way to focus on areas that need particular work. If he is struggling to get a likeness of someone, he does many thumbnail sketches until he gets it right - he never settles for the first attempt. As you sketch more, you learn from your mistakes and the finished picture will be far better.

His advice to you? Take 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes a day to get out that sketchbook or use your iPencil on your iPad Pro or just your smart phone mobile using Sketchbook or Procreate (try it, it’s fun). Daily sketches should not be about how long it takes you to draw the chosen subject but learning and enjoyment. It is your sketchbook, you do not have to show it anyone - it is for eyes only!

Why not try to join any of the urban sketchers art groups around the cities nationwide - or set one up yourself. They are very popular and you meet many like minded sketchers just like you. Why not give it a try!


Sketchbook HERE

Chumleys Art iPad Pointers in Need Art Commissions

PIN Pictures HERE

All dogs drawn on an iPad Pro tablet using an iPencil with the Procreate App

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