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Commissioning a piece of Chumleys Art

What does Richard do as an illustrator and artist?

Richard is commissioned to draw and paint everything and anything. He works for many clients who just want a drawing or painting of their prized family member, whether of their ever faithful pooch, moggy or their treasured little kiddies. He also works with corporate clients in all forms of illustration commissions from logos to corporate branding to visual illustration. He helps them to visualise and develop ideas to promote their companies or their ideas and designs through art and illustration. This covers creative consulting, (sketching out ideas for ad campaigns and consultation), painting someone's portrait (straight or caricature), creating conceptual art to bring a visual to someone's written ideas, painting original art, posters, publicity material and billboards - and everything in between. He has even been approached to design tattoos, customising motor bike helmets and painting digital murals for wallpaper!

Working with clients?

Richard’s clients approach him with their ideas and aims of the project; This is the feasibility stage discussing concepts and scope of work - he basically carries out research and client consulting when illustrating. For this stage he loosely sketches several ideas to get a general concept and agreed composition, makes a refined draft line sketch of the best idea and then gets the clients approval before moving on and paints. This saves time and money for everyone. Working digitally makes it easier for the client to change theirs minds later but any deviation from the agreed draft incurs additional cost so it is important to get it right at this stage. He refines and revises the draft drawings every step of the way as needed until the client is happy.

How long does it take to finish a commission?

Richard is constantly in the midst of one project or another so his availability is on a case by case basis. You can use the Contact Me page of this site or just email or call him with as detailed of a request as you can muster, and he can try to work something out. He works collaboratively, as he does with engineers, architects and many other clients so if you're curious about a more detailed look into working with him, please get in touch.

He works quickly in between his full-time job, but timing varies for each commission. While most projects fall in the 1-3 weeks range, He’s done 2-3 day turnarounds for cartoons and caricatures. His turnaround is, more than anything, adaptive to the people he works with and their needs, this is why it is so important  to discuss and address the job pretty early on in the project. Lack of time=rushed projects=poor job for everyone!

Creative Brief

With digital paintings, cartoons and fine art commissions, Richard agrees the time to deliver the painting and final cost  with clients before starting the artwork. In terms of corporate illustrations, once his clients are happy with the feasibility concept and before he actually draws, he firstly provides a Creative Brief and quotation which includes the agreed scope of works and his costs. It generally outlines project overview and background information, sets out objectives, agrees the target audience and key message, scheduled programme, and finally his terms and conditions.  

Rates & Quotations?

Rates in any creative profession are highly variable on the description of the project, the size, the client, and the turnaround time. Richard doesn’t say this to be nebulous or vague, but because no two projects are the same. Please get in touch with him as specific of a request as you can and he'll provide a quote. Please email at mail@chumleysart.com or phone him on (01286) 660979.

Payment Transactions

Many commissions are paid by cash with a small deposit being made before he starts the work - normally around 10% of the estimate cost. With corporate illustrations, an official works purchase order is normally raised and he invoices accordingly once he has finished the commission and everyone's happy. He also accepts BACS and PayPal payments. Please refer to the Store section of this web site for more information.


Richard sells to galleries locally and has signed prints and limited editions of much of his artwork within the Fine Art and Digital Paintings galleries on this web site. Please get in touch and he will provide a price for you.

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See the online Pricing Brochure above for more information on     commissions for clients

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