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Chumleys Art Store


Richards signed prints and limited editions of much of his artwork can be found on this site within his Fine Art and Digital Paintings galleries. Please get in touch and he will provide a price for you. For commissions, much of the work is bespoke and he will agree a price per commission request. Online sales through Big Cartel below.

Payment Transaction for New Clients

Many commissions are paid by cash with a small deposit being made before he starts the work - normally around 10% of the estimate cost.

With corporate illustrations, an official works purchase order is normally raised and he invoices accordingly once he has finished the commission and everyone's happy. He also accepts BACS and PayPal payments. With PayPal, he will be adding a PayPal Store in due course but in the meantime, on payment of invoices, he sends a PayPal email request for payment. You don’t need a PayPal account to do this and this is ideal for some companies that use a purchase credit card for business transactions.

See Commissions for commissioning Chumleys Art.

Artwork straight to Your Postbox or Inbox

Many commissions are delivered straight to your door as colour prints, posters or canvas prints. As much of the work is digital, they can be emailed with ease to clients who wish to arrange prints themselves. Other clients prefer Chumleys Art to manage the whole process which is not a problem.  

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