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Chumleys Art Cartoons and Caricatures - Richard Childs Cartoon

Many commissions here celebrate birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, leaving cards, Christmas cards, posters, weddings, retirements, etc. etc. – you get the drift!

There are many possibilities of what can be created. Anyone can be caricatured, and each drawing is an original unique piece of bespoke artwork. Commissions have also been printed on mugs, T-shirts, caps too – even wallpaper!

The process is that you send us clear and recent photos of your loved ones, friends, work colleagues (or even the family pet) with a list of things that are unique and personal to them and email it to us for review. You can also use the Chumleys Art Cartoon Questionnaire here or hit the link below. Once reviewed, we’ll normally then meet to discuss or chat on WhatsApp or other facetime apps to really nail the detail. The more info we have, the better the final cartoon.

We then complete our initial draft and work out the finished price for you. We normally take 10% on commission and the final sum is the paid when the drawing is complete and you are happy with the finished artwork. I send a watermarked DRAFT of the picture for sign-off. 

See the Creative Process page for more information.

The online Pricing Brochure below shows the examples as here together with an idea of costs for a bespoke piece or artwork – just hit the image link below.

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