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Chumleys Art coloured pencils - The Hope of Sepilok -DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year 2008

Chumleys Art undertakes many commissions for digital cartoons, caricatures, and illustrations but some clients prefer traditional media.

Known for pen and ink pointillism work using a Bic biro ballpoint pen, Chumleys Art was always looking for new techniques to try out and in colour instead of black and white.

After many months of reading and learning from books and social media tutorials, Chumleys Art decided to try out coloured pencils which was a game changer form hobbyist to international artist in the space of two years. Becoming a member of the UKCPS in 2005 to actively learn and promote the medium as fine art, Chumleys Art exhibited and taught budding artists at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham at the Art Materials live Show. On entering the UKCPS 2005 Open International Art Competition, two feline portraits got accepted and received honourable mentions.

More artwork drawings were accepted and reached Signature Status with the UKCPS in 2007. He has had coloured pencil work published in many artists books here and in the USA taking on workshops on the medium. Chumleys Art finally won the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Wildlife Artist of the Year in 2008 which was great for him but also to finally promote CP for the UKCPS as a fine art medium to the UK at London’s Mall Galleries. 

He uses Prismacolor pencils on Risings Stonehenge paper. The best soft graded pencils you can buy (all 120 of them) on the best paper which can take some abuse. When he draws animal fur, he needs some tough paper to take the heavy burnishing and layering technique.

Richard still takes on coloured pencil commissions so why not get in touch

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the hope of sepilok

Chumleys Art coloured pencils - The Hope of Sepilok -DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year 2008
Chumleys Art coloured pencils - The Hope of Sepilok -DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year 2008

The Bornean orang-utan, pongo pygmaeus, the man of the forest, is a species of orang-utan native to the island of Borneo. 

The conservation status of this remarkable animal is classified as: Endangered Species.

Soaring demand for palm oil, an ingredient of bio fuels and one in five products at your local supermarket, has already led to tropical rain forests being cleared in South-East Asia at an alarming rate. Large areas are being removed to make room for plantations in Borneo & Sumatra, not only causing climate change but posing the single greatest threat to the future of orang-utans in the wild.

In the past 20 years, 80% of habitat has been lost to illegal logging, gold mining & the palm oil industry. Much of this activity is illegal, occurring in national parks that are off limits to loggers, miners and plantation development. There is also a major problem with the poaching of baby orang-utans for sale in the pet trade; the trappers killing the  mothers to steal the baby. If the palm oil industry is not regulated, at the current rate of decline by 2012 we may have witnessed the disappearance of the orang-utan. 

The drawing, which took 65 hours to complete using Prismacolor pencils on Risings Stonehengepaper, tells the story of an orphaned orang-utan which was rescued from a logging site and taken to the Sepilok Orang-utan sanctuary in the state of Sabah. 

Here, he was trained to survive again in the wild and was eventually released into Sepiloks orang-utan population achieving total independence. As a fully grown male, the image shows the powerful, enigmatic man of the forest.

The Hope of Sepilok celebrates all those great people helping him to survive.

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