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Richard Childs FIHE IEng FCIHT is a professional Civil Engineer and illustrator. He is a Fellow of both the Institute of Highway Engineers (IHE) and the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT). He’s also a full member of the Society of Architectural Illustrators and offers a full suite of visual illustration and animation services based upon 35 years in the industry. 

It is vitally important nowadays, to showcase our quality projects and there’s no better way to sell a scheme than through the power of illustration. Contemporary illustration has always come in a wide range of styles and techniques, from traditional sketches, drawings and paintings to digital design, multimedia, and now 3D BIM ready modelling. Depending on the purpose, illustration may be expressive, stylised, realistic or highly technical and Richard has taken this discipline further by introducing visual illustration into his portfolio of highly creative services. Whether you are looking at the viability of your project, or wish to sell your ideas, concepts and vision to a wider audience, Richard can help you with communicating your proposals into quality and highly visual ‘virtual reality’ presentations as part of an integrated design process we offer.

He provides a comprehensive 3D modelling design service of high quality, civils and architectural visualisation projects across a wide range of media types from traditional hand drawn and digital sketching to state-of-the-art photo-realistic CGIs and virtual reality 3D digital illustration and animated flythroughs.

By incorporating visual illustration and animation into your design and business, you can convey more information to your clients, stakeholders, interested parties and the end user than any other means can. Your business will be promoted to the highest level of quality and your project will come to life in a virtual world of movement and animation within your very own street scene in context with its surroundings. By adding clients designs to a virtual, augmented, and mixed reality platform, that hyper realism and immersive environment puts the viewer right into the scene well before construction commences on site. 

With Richard’s extensive knowledge of engineering design and managing design teams and project managers, he fully understands all the technical aspects of your project. Seen as design validation and very much part of the design workflow, his 3D illustration models are a cross-reference check of clients designs ensuring no issue arise from poor design, highlighting issues saving time, effort and money early on in project delivery.

See his CV here, The Chumleys Art Brochure here and the many forms of illustrations on offer from the Chumleys Art studio below.

VR Visuals & Chumleys Art

VR Visuals – 3D Visualisation Specialists 

Richard established VR Visuals with two other like-minded illustrators. It’s a collaboration of planning, design and management professionals together with excellent 3D visualisation specialists who have been providing full-time 3D visualisation services for over 25 years. VR Visuals now offer the benefits of our collective experience in providing the most inspiring and effective visualisation outputs for any stage of or purpose for your project, be it civils construction, transportation, urban or landscape design.

Our 3D visualisation and CGI service helps you to analyse and showcase design elements relating to your project. The main focus is health and safety process video productions supporting companies risk assessments and method statements. Hit the link above for more information.


CGI Visual Illustration & Digital painting

Chumleys Art Vimeo Channel
VR Visual Animation Fly-through & Process Video Productions

The Vimeo Channel showcases the many projects Richard has produced over the years, working with a whole raft of clients across many industries and sectors.  Videos are uploaded as private or restricted viewing until projects go live on the web, sometimes many months later so please check back to see new videos as they become live. Go to the main Vimeo link here and particular videos below.

online Virtual Reality consultataions

Design visualisation models and virtual reality walkthroughs are intrinsically linked when it comes to creating a shared visual experience between the designer, their clients and ultimately the recipients of the walkthroughs. With 360 panorama imagery and VR headsets, viewers can step into our designs and feel what it would be like to inhabit that space.

With engineer’s 3D designs being exported into the modelling and illustration software, we have the ability to produce accurate, hyper-realistic compelling images and animated video flythroughs, but in keeping pace with growing technologies and client expectations, many industries are turning to a third output to supplement their presentations and really sell their projects through a 360 virtual reality panoramic walkthrough. With VR walkthroughs, we can produce realistic, 360-degree images (just like Google Streetview) as well as an immersive experience through smartphones, tablets, PCs and VR headsets depending upon viewer’s preferences and available budgets. 

With Covid-19 and all the social distancing rules that have been bestowed upon us, there’s never been a better time to utilise technology to see projects in detail from the safe environment of our homes. With VR technology, we can review project information.

Download drawings and design documents, watch video flythrough videos, and respond to and complete consultation questionnaires with ease. 

For consultations, we don’t have to organise our lives around visiting times in an office or community centre, we can do it all from home online. Hit the links below for tour examples.

Lumion pro 360 degree project walkthroughs

Running your own business nowadays in a competitive market is always a challenge. It demands continuously thinking up new ways of convincing potential clients to choose your ideas and designs over those of your competitors.

Many architects have made the jump from 2D drawings to 3D design, either using SketchUp, Revit or another similar 3D CAD package in combination with Lumion. Lumion takes these 3D designs and enables high quality still image renders and animated flythroughs.

Now there’s something better than videos pictures. There is an easy, accessible way to let your clients look inside your models. By simply sending them a link through email they instantly see your models on phones, tablets, and computers. It works by me first picking several locations in my model in Lumion and uploading the finished model to MyLumion. An email link to view your model online is then sent to your client straight away. He can the view and present his projects with ease.

This technology allows for full control in several 360-degree scenes by the client. They can look around at will and get an excellent impression of what the designs are or projects look like with prospective clients and customers. See some examples below.